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The audit is an objective tool to verify the situation of the company. DRD provides internal and obligatory audits.

The audit is an objective tool to verify the situation of the company. DRD provides internal audits and mandatory audits.

We help in choosing the right auditor that audits were carried out smoothly and achieved its objectives.

Why work with us?

DRD Business Center supports more than 100 Polish and foreign companies. We undertake cooperation at any time of the financial year and we have a number of tools that streamline processes in the company and check its effectiveness. We are able to accept any control of state institutions in order to relieve our clients.

DRD Business audits:

• Profiled

• Annual

• Tax

Our auditing standards require us to adapt the testing procedures to the individual characteristics of the client. We take into account the fact that each of the test subjects is different,

leading to different types of risk to which it is exposed. Our research strategy takes into account all these threats. In the course of our work, we can distinguish the following procedures are carried out by us:

• Assessment of the sensitivity of the Company,

• Identify areas of research,

• Understand the Company's activities, its environment and the accounting system

• Carry out a preliminary review of analytical,

• Determining materiality planned.

• Risk assessment and operation of internal control systems,

• Determination of the overall risk profiles.

• Identify key areas of research,

• Execution and evaluation of results:

• Testing of internal control,

• analytical procedures,

• Detailed testing of transactions and balances,

• The overall assessment of the testing,

• Conduct a final review of the analytical

• Opinion and report on the audit,

• Letter to the Board,

• Communication with persons responsible for the management and supervision.


Our goal is to provide customers with the best possible personalized and comprehensive opinion and advice. During the study, we know our business, assess its financial position and financial background of the economic and legal environment. The result and the conclusions of the audit can be used to implement corrective instruments in the company and optimization.

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