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You are the expert of your business. We try to help your business so that nothing disturbs its development.


All DRD employees participate in trainings, so that we can offer our customers the highest quality consulting services in the field of HR, legal – economic consulting and economic-financial consulting.

Why work with us?

In addition to the wide range of services, which is adapted to the needs of our customers, we can offer you the solution to all the problems of your company or indicate an entity with the right competencies. We undertake cooperation at any time of the financial year and at every stage of development of your company. We accept controls in our offices of state institutions. We have the experience and knowledge to take care of foreign companies, foreign investors and Polish subsidiaries of foreign companies. Currently we are working with companies from Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Danube, Israel and Greece.

Our office operates in two locations in Poznan to always be close for our clients.

HR Consulting

The strategic asset of the company are its employees. Their proper recruitment, remuneration, directing, motivating, evaluating and mobilizing setting career path determines the success of the company. These are realized by Heads of Human Resources, whose knowledge, skills and experience should be very high, and thus the cost of their employment is significant.

Outsourcing in this area is efficient and economically justified.

DRD can offer you HR support through a consultant with the right qualifications and experience. His work, and so the cost for you, can be established by tasks (depending on needs) or a flat rate (as consideration for constant supervision and ongoing cooperation).

The service of HR consultancy can include:

  • - the development of job cards (including the duty and responsibility) - together with a description of the competencies desired for a given position;

  • the development of rules and systems of remuneration;

  • developing a system of employee motivation;

  • assessment of competence and training for employees;

  • preparation of a training program for individual positions;

  • define the conditions performance evaluations of individual and team (or a broader interim assessment procedures employees);

  • interviewing employees to determine the needs and problems;

  • recruitment of new employees.

Economic and legal consulting

Establishing companies

The founding of new commercial companies service, also called "start-up", includes:

  • preparation of association agreement;

  • carry out registration activities in the KRS;

  • making entries in the GUS (REGON number), the US (NIP-2, VAT R);

  • helping in choosing the optimal form of taxation.

Lawyers and tax advisors cooperating with DRD provide customers with the appropriate start. Long time independent action at the stage of initiating activities of the new entity and the possibility of error is supported by using the help of professionals.

Transformation, division and merger

Demanding market and strong competition require companies strategic activities, often involving the merger or division. Transformations and other changes form of action should also be carried out to achieve the effect of tax optimization. With experience in this field and cooperating with specialists - tax advisors, chartered accountants and economic advisers - DRD will offer the customer the best solution. With an insurance policy to guarantee the safety DRD in carrying out such complex projects.

Economic and financial consulting

Business plans

DRD financial analysts carry out detailed studies on the new venture and the development of your existing project, including:

  • analysis of marketing (product, market, customers, competition);

  • analysis of the resources (personnel, property, patents and licenses);

  • financial projections (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow).

A business plan is an essential part of any process of obtaining external capital for development: both return (banks) and non-refundable (equity investors).

DRD analysts use both:

  • static methods for assessing the investment, for example the recovery period;

  • dynamic assessment method investments - taking into account the time value of money for example: the net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR).

Such an ex ante analysis should also precede the launching of new projects from its own resources company.

Financial analysis

This service is not only an annex package of documents submitted outside parties to raise capital. Ex post economic analysis should be also periodically processes occurring inside and outside the company to define:

  • the strengths and weaknesses of the company and its resources;

  • the environment in which it operates - competition;

  • market opportunities that can be used;

  • opportunities to increase profitability;

  • opportunities to reduce costs.

Analysis of revenues and expenses can be carried out in the section of its activities, individual products, sales channels and markets.

Feasibility study

The success or failure of the investment process depends to a large extent on proper conduct and analysis of results of technical, technological, financial and economic as well as environmental design.
The feasibility study is carried out both for external funding institutions (banks, investment funds, EU funds aid), and for the owners to finance the project.
The feasibility study prepared by DRD analysts includes:

  • identification of the project;

  • identification of available technical conditions;

  • financial and economic analysis;

  • analysis of the costs and benefits of the planned investment.

snd also:

  • functional analysis;

  • a timetable for implementation of the project;

  • environmental impact assessment.

On the basis of such a study, you can evaluate the success of the project and decide on its implementation.

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