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DRD places great emphasis on the quality of HR and payroll service. Each of our customers is supported by a guide who constantly monitors the formal status of employees.

DRD places great emphasis on the quality of HR and payroll service. Each of our customers is supported by a guide who constantly monitors the formal status of employees.

The most valuable asset of the company are their employees and payroll outsourcing is a very good solution for modern managed company

Each of our clients is operated by his guardian, which on a regularly advise the optimum solutions in employer-employee relations.

DRD specialists lead employment matters comprehensively, on a regular basis taking into account changes in law, taking care of safety of the employer secret personal and financial data in this area. If you decide to use the services of the employment and payroll in the DRD, you get also access to complementary consultancy services.

We are available in two offices in Poznan.

In our offices we accept controls of State institutions.

Why work with us?

We provide HR and Payroll service for more than 100 Polish and foreign companies. We have several years of experience and we are familiar with the various industries and their specificity.

We speak foreign languages: English, German, Spanish, Russian, so we support foreign investors and Polish branches of foreign companies.

We are at your constant disposal – we can start collaboration at any time of the financial year and at every stage of development of your company.

For each client we provide individual solutions which are the best for the development of our client’s company.

We work only the best licensed programs. We are reference Accounting Office of Enova 365.


DRD service for HR service includes:

  • keeping personal files of employees (constant personal documentation monitoring);
  • determining the amount of leave of absence;
  • preparation of empolyee sick leave plan;
  • preparation of contracts of employment (including additional agreements: the non-competition agreement, agreement on material responsibility for the entrusted property, annexes to contracts of employment, work certificates);
  • preparation of civil contracts with individuals (contract of mandate, contract work);
  • the development and implementation of the workers timesheets;
  • monitoring and organizing safety trainings (initial, periodic, bench);
  • organization of initial and periodic medical examinations;
  • preparation of documentation of the disability pension (RP7)

On request, we prepare work regulations, the remuneration regulations and regulations of the social fund.

In the basic version of the HR service files of employees is carried out in DRD..

We maintain constant contact with our clients and advise on optimal staffing solutions.

Customer who is using HR services also receives access to a complementary service of payroll and calculating Social Security contributions.


HR service can also be carried out on-line. This solution is optimal for the clients who has more than 100 employees or established outside Poznan. HR service on-line allows for optimum allocation of responsibility between the client and the DRD order to ensure an immediate flow of information.


The customer has access to on-line applications, in which the stock records and having the opportunity to not only preview, but also data entry.


Fulfilling the expectations of our clients, we have introduced a service in the field of health and safety. We can offer:

  • constant supervision of occupational health and safety service;
  • assessment of health and safety in the workplace;
  • implementation of new or improving existing Management System Occupational Health and Safety according to OHSAS 18001;
  • training and courses for employees;
  • risk assessment;
  • preparation of work instructions and rules of social activity;
  • setting up of equipping employees with personal protective equipment and clothing and footwear;
  • interim analysis of safety and health at work with a plan to improve conditions;
  • developing other necessary documents with OSH assistance in the implementation of follow-up orders and instances of state labor inspection.

Persons implementing health and safety services have both many years of experience in their implementation, as well as knowledge and contacts with institutions that conduct inspections.

Payroll, health and safety, receiving inspections

Outsourcing payroll and social security contributions reduces the flow of information in the client's company which are a secret. DRD provides complete data protection and sharing them only with authorized representative of our client.

Basic offer includes:

  • calculation of remuneration and preparing payrolls (also confidential) employed under a contract of employment and work orders;
  • settlement of sick pay, sickness benefits, family care and other services;
  • keeping records of salaries and benefits of employees in the form of individual records;
  • issuing certificates of employment and earnings;
  • calculation of social security contributions, preparing monthly declarations and electronic transmission to Social Security (ZUS);
  • preparing and submitting documents to Social Security application for insurance and de-registration of insurance for employees;
  • preparing monthly RMUA reports for the insured;
  • calculation of income tax of employees and preparation of annual declarations (PIT4, PIT8A);
  • preparation of tax payments and social security contributions documents;
  • preparation of the annual accounts of employees (PIT11, PIT8B);
  • payroll reports for the board..

Payroll and Social Security service on-line

We also prepare payroll in the on-line system, which provides the authorized representative of our client a constant overview of the data in the system and the acquisition immediately any information about a employee.

The clients has access to on-line applications, with stock records and has the ability to not only preview, but also data input according to an agreed division of powers between the client and DRD.

This solution is optimal for the customer employs more than 100 employees or established outside Poznan.

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