Accounting and tax advisory
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Accounting and tax advisory

Licensed accountants, tax advisers and financial analysts will provide you with current and accurate information which support business decisions.

We are available for our clients in two offices in Poznan.
On request, we can dedicate our employee to work in an office operated by our company.

In our offices we accept control of state institutions in order to support our Clients.

Why work with us?

We provide accounting services for more than 100 Polish and foreign companies. We have several years of experience, so that we know the different industries and their specifics.

We speak foreign languages: English, German, Spanish, Russian, so we support foreign investors and Polish branches of foreign companies.

We are at your constant disposal – we can start cooperate at any time of the financial year and at every stage of development of your company.

Leading the Customer's accounts we always deliver current information about the financial position and financial results of the company. We provide each customer an individual tutor, whose primary task is to choose the most effective solutions from the point of view of the customer's needs.

We are a reference accountancy for Enova 365

Financial accounting and tax control reception

Within the financial accounting services for the customer, we offer:

  • bookkeeping
  • settlement and tax reporting (VAT, CIT, PIT)
  • reporting NIP, PCC, GUS, NBP
  • accounting according to US GAAP and IAS
  • updating customer data in the tax office and other budgetary institutions
  • preparation of annual financial statements
  • financial statement audit services
  • receiving inspections conducted during the contract

We maintain constant contact with the customer and advise on optimal tax solutions. On our client request, we can dedicate an employee to work in the client's company. Tax controls are operated by us and in our offices!

Transfer pricing

We prepare the necessary documentation (required by law) to justify the prices charged between related parties. The presentation of it within seven days to the tax authorities (under the law) is unrealistic, if the documentation is not prepared to date. The effects of inadequate reasoning transaction pricing and the absence of such documentation may lead to non-recognition of tax expenses or the calculation of income tax benefit of free (or paid only partially) and taxation of the difference between the originally disclosed income and income defined by tax authorities sanction a rate of 50%.

Projects in the area of transfer pricing, performed for our customers primarily include the following:

  • advice on policy transfer pricing tax and financial planning;
  • valuation of transactions between related parties to verify and determine the market level of transfer pricing;
  • analysis of the level of royalties;
  • valuation of goods transfer of intangible assets;
  • analysis services within the group and the cost structure as a basis for determining the remuneration;
  • verification of supporting documentation to receive benefits from the services within the group;
  • development of documentation in accordance with the requirements of article 4. 9A of the Act on income tax of legal persons;
  • evaluation of the documentation prepared by the client;
  • help in obtaining the evaluation of tax authorities in the field of transfer pricing methodology adopted pursuant to article 2. 14A of the tax code.

We maintain constant contact with the our client and advise on optimal tax solutions.

Accounting of EU projects

The success of the project depends on both the EU relevancy business venture run as well as appropriate settlement of the project.

With multilateral experience - as preparing proposals and as supporting control inspectors - we offer customers leading accounting and project documentation providing timely and complete receipt of the requested amounts of subsidies.

Electronic banking

Almost every company is using electronic banking. By using accounting outsourcing our clients usually reduce also employment, we can also take over payment of liabilities - bank transfers.
We introduce an order for payment to contractors on-line Client, the Client while alone makes payments, deciding the order and the date of dispatch of transfers.
On request, we also take full responsibility for the execution of orders - including their transmission.

Management Accounting-reporting

Hiring high-level specialists in small and medium-sized companies are often economically unjustified, and the need for advice and assistance of such specialists exists in every company.

By using our services, our client can adjust the level of support, and thus the costs to current needs.

In the basic version, we offer you a set of reports that can be prepared in Polish, English, German, Spanish and Russian:

  • profiled reporting (MPK and MPZ)
  • preparing monthly cash flow statement
  • preparation of basic ratio analysis (liquidity ratios, the structure of assets and liabilities, profitability)
  • preparation of weekly summaries of claims and liabilities by payment terms (ages)

As part of the management accounting services also we create business budgets. We monitor and report their implementation.

We maintain constant contact with our client and advise at every stage of economic decisions.

Reporting we can also offer to the Clients who have their own accounting department.

Accounts and tax supervision at the client’s office

If the client is pleased with the work and organization of his Finance Department, and the only doubt is whether tax accounts are correct, we suggest constant supervision in the accounts or tax accountancy checking "on request". The service is also addressed to small and medium-sized companies, in whose employment the Chief Accountant would involve too high costs in relation to the needs and the need to stay with the company for a person with high qualifications. Our service fills this gap, and ensure our clients safety thanks to the insurance DRD with services in terms of ever-changing regulations and high risk of making a mistake is very beneficial for the customer.

We offer:

  • weryfikację ksiąg rachunkowych;
  • verification or making current tax returns and reports;
  • provision of oral information and explanations to the balance sheet and tax law;
  • supervision of the production of annual reports and accounts.

We maintain constant contact with the client and advise you at every stage of the tax decisions.

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